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Donations to RTS

What, When, and Where to Donate


Donation Hours:

Monday thru Saturday 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Please bring all donations to our designated back door on Bailey Avenue only during these hours. 


There is an informational sign and a short term donation parking space specifically designated for donations.

Please read our list of acceptable items
and the list of items we cannot accept is detailed below.

We are always grateful for your donations as we are 100% volunteers and all the money goes to local not-for-profits.

Thank you for supporting RTS!


Accessories - Hats, Scarves, Purses, Gloves, Ties, Belts
Appliances - Blenders, Coffee Machines, Toaster, Vacuums, etc
Beauty - Unopened Fragrances, Body Product, Gift Sets
Bedding - Sheets, Blankets, Bed Skirts, Comforters, Shams, Duvets
Clothing - Men's, Women's, Junior's, Children's, Infant's
Crafts - Stickers, Craft Books, Art Supplies.
Electronics - Phone Systems, Apple Devices, CD and DVD Players,  
Footwear - Shoes, Sneakers, Boots. Sandals
Formal Wear - Tuxedos, Suits, Prom Dresses, Ball Gowns and Costumes
Games - Complete Board Games, Toys,
Holiday Decorations
Home Goods -  Tableware, Vintage Linens, Decorative Pillows, Towels, etc, 
Housewares - Utensils, Dishes, Glasses, Pots and Pans, Chrystal,  Cut Glass
Lighting - Lamps, Sconces, New Candles
Media - Books, Records, DVDs, CDs
Picture Frames
School Supplies - Calculators, Spirals, Folders, etc.
Sport Equipment - Clubs, Bats, Gloves, Skates, Padding, Rackets, etc.


Items we cannot accept for our customers' health and safety:

Nothing broken, torn, chipped, or soiled

No medical equipment of any kind

No healthcare equipment

No cosmetics, contact lens paraphernalia or nail polish

No infant's equipment of any kind: (car seat, swing, stroller, bassinet, crib, pack 'n play)

No food of any kind

No used underwear, women bathing suits and socks

No humidifiers (we do accept dehumidifiers and air purifiers)

No helmets of any kind

No downhill skis

No bed (sleeping) pillows

We also cannot accept these items, our space is limited:

No Furniture

No Rugs

No Computers, Printers, Fax Machines & TV’s predating 2012

No Chandeliers - Not able to test and tripping hazard

No Drapery Hardware - (Curtain Rods, Window Blinds, etc)

No Encyclopedias, Magazines

No Filing Cabinets

No Large Exercise Equipment

No Large Speakers

​No Metal Bed Frames, Mattresses, Aerobeds

No Sewing Machines in Cabinets

​No VHS Tapes, Cassettes (Video Games OK)

No Wedding Dresses

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